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The Ultimate BLueprint to digital marketing for homebuilders and remodelers

Over 145 pages Of AMAZING info that will change the way you look at Internet Marketing! Based on real-world examples & case studies of other plumbing & HVAC contractors.

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Over 153 pages Of AMAZING info that will change the way you look at Internet Marketing! Based on real world examples & case studies of other plumbing & HVAC contractors.

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Over 145 pages Of AMAZING info that will change the way you look at Internet Marketing! Based on real-world examples & case studies of other Builders & Remodeling contractors.

Let Me Tell You WHY I'm Making This Offer, and WHY I Want You to Have This Book.

Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of builders and remodeling business owners, and have a passion for helping people just like you increase their sales & business by getting their Internet Marketing right.

There is so much misinformation out there, and I've heard so many horror stories from other home remodeling companies about how they have been burned by previous providers that I know this information can have a significant impact on you and your life. 

From a business standpoint, this may turn out to be the most important book you’ll ever read. That’s because the book inside explains in detail…

How Homebuilders and Remodeling Contractors Can Triple Sales by Getting Their Internet Marketing Right!

This book is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Why? It’s not a hodge-podge of unproven or untested ideas that sound good on paper but fall flat on their face in the real world. Not at all. Instead, this book features actual examples and case studies of plumbing and HVAC companies just like yours. It details how these companies followed a simple Internet Marketing Success Blueprint and are now reaping rich rewards. 

meet the Author

Lynn Wilkinson

My name is Lynn Wilkinson, and I LOVE helping home building and remodeling companies increase their sales, grow their revenues & accomplish their goals by maximizing their lead flow online. I'm the founder of HBR Digital, one of the leading Internet Marketing agencies serving the industry. I'm an active member of NKBA, NAHB, & NAWIC. 

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of contracting companies across the country and have helped many of them go from no placement online to the point where they now dominate the search engines in their area. Many of them drive over 100 calls per month directly via the web, and several have seen an increase of over $1 million in annual sales. It's an honor to share my findings and experience with you!

Here’s a small (very small) taste of the profit-boosting secrets it reveals: 

  • Dominate the search engine rankings and leave your competition in the dust! (The little-known secrets of ranking on PAGE ONE of Google and other major search engines for the most searched-for keywords in your local market! In fact, with these secrets you can out-market, out-sell and out-profit even companies that are bigger, better established and have a marketing budget that dwarfs yours!)

  • A step-by-step, do-it-yourself Internet Marketing system you can succeed with on your own that has been used by hundreds of companies similar to yours! (No need to reinvent the wheel when you can “copy” what’s actually working now! Consider this your action plan for creating…A High-Profit, Low-Cost Internet Marketing Strategy That Sends Your Sales to Record Levels!

  • Position your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing to capture the attention of 80% (or more) of consumers searching for plumbing or HVAC related services! (Just this little “tweak” in where your website appears in the major search engines will spike the number of calls you get off the charts!)

  • The main differences between Paid Listings… Map Listings… and… Organic Listings! (Plus, which of the three is the least important to focus on if you want a surge in service calls and sales!)

  • How to design a website that converts online visitors to inbound calls! (Having a website the search engines “love” does nothing for your bottom line… unless… it’s optimized to get your phones ringing day and night!)

  • How to become instantly credible and trustworthy to website visitors! (Get this right and you’ll stand “head and shoulders” ABOVE everyone else. Get it wrong and visitors will click off your website so fast it’ll make your head spin.)

  • Why it’s critical to set up a “mobile-responsive” rather than a “mobile-friendly” website if you hope to capture maximum market share! (Ignoring this growing trend among consumers is like burning hundred dollar bills on the side of the road! In fact, a recent Google report says 40% of mobile consumers turn to a competitor's website after a bad mobile experience. So you gotta get it right!)

  • How to Get Your Company Ranked at the TOP of Google Maps in Your Market!(Follow the THREE STEPS I walk you through in the book and you’ll be good to go! Also, make sure to read my special briefing on “Google Maps Optimization” where I go in-depth on this critical subject.)

  • Building inbound links to your website strategically that follow Google’s latest standards and best practices to a “T”! (The relevance, quality and quantity of links back to your website is the single biggest “X-Factor” to whether you’ll appear on page one or page ten. In the section on “building authority,” you’ll see exactly how to gather more quality inbound links and citations to your site.)

  • How to create fresh relevant content consistently to maintain a high ranking! (A great SEO-optimized site with the right title tags and best links can still get ignored… if… new content isn’t being posted on a consistent basis.)

  • Easy way to receive “glowing reviews” from current and past customers… and… set up a system to gather these reviews on an ongoing basis!

  • Tracking Return On Investment (ROI): How to guarantee the time you spend getting top search rankings and more visitors to your website turns into more calls, more revenue and more bottom line profits you can take to the bank! (What good is doing all this Internet Marketing stuff if it doesn’t pay off, right? I reveal three main tools to help you gauge ROI with ease. This is the ONLY way you’ll know what’s working and what needs tweaking or replacing so you get more “bang” from every dollar you put into marketing!)

Discover the elements of a high-conversion website that will get get the phone ringing!

Learn how to optimize your website so that it ranks in Google for your most important keywords!

What's inside the book 
Sample Pages 
There are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
Check out a few more sizzling secrets revealed in this Free Book:

  • The best time (by far) to ask for and collect customer emails! 
  • How to get a flood of calls every day from hot prospects who found you online!
  • Secrets to leveraging social media for more repeat and referral business!
  • Website design secrets proven to get prospects to call for service!
  • Five questions that reveal if your website is properly SEO-optimized! 

Page 44. I outline the most important pages to have on your remodeling company website and what information that MUST be included.

Page 72. Special briefing on how to discover the best search terms for your business and area.. I ONLY share this secret with people who read page 72.

Page 60. I discuss the importance of content marketing, what types of content to publish, and where to publish each type.

Page 95. On this page, I'll show you my #1 secret to maximizing your Pay-Per-Click marketing spend.

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